Build the amazing steel-bodied Aquajeep from an incredible $1695 plus the cost of the donor vehicle. Aquajeep Construction Data & Plans and the Engineering CAD Plans are easy to read and understand making the fabrication and construction effortless, only an electric welding set, an engine hoist and normal home garage tools are necessary and you may use Inches or Metric. We show you the easy way to fold, form and cut sheet metal without specialized equipment.  


Any 4x4 Left hand drive or Right hand drive donor vehicle can be used with your choice of most any gasoline or diesel engine, from a straight inline to a V8.

The Range Rover ‘Classic' (1970 to 1995) was chosen for ours because they are cheap in the UK, where the prototype Aquajeep was designed and built.

In your country, Jeeps, Chevy's, Toyotas or any other 4x4 may be available cheaply, just make sure that it has or can be fitted with coil springs, this makes for an easier build.

The plans are very easily adapted for any 4x4 and instructions are included.

The Aquajeep's protected design is beautifully simple with no hidden rust traps, no complex seals to fail, a world class off-road capability and it swims as well. A true multi-purpose amphibian built for hard rugged use. No slipway available, don't worry just drive straight into the water.

Aquajeep's “external chassis concept” is made from 4x2” (100x50mm) box section, 16g sheet steel and 18g alloy or steel, it is almost indestructible.

Aquajeep is a serious machine equally at home in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Down Under, for repairs there is no waiting for expensive parts, just get the welder out and make your own from scrap steel or an old vehicle. Automotive adhesive works well for emergency repairs to the floatation tanks.

Aquajeep has several options for water propulsion depending on your budget:

  • The cheapest is a simple guarded propeller attached to the rear drive shaft.
  • Propeller shaft assembly run from the power take off (PTO) on the gearbox.
  • Water jet drive.
  • Small 10hp outboard.
  • Small inboard, Beta Marine 10 hp diesel engine with forward, neutral and reverse. Fuel consumption is less then 1 liter per hour, it runs more than 4 hours on a US gallon.

Aquajeep steers well in the water using just its front wheels, but a simple fabricated rudder is recommended for greater maneuverability. Maximum water speed is around 6 knots.

Other versions of Aquajeep can be made just by making simple adjustments to the plans. You can see some of our ideas here.

Using a bit of your own ingenuity, the hood and cab can easily be re-shaped to resemble your favorite vehicle, a Land Rover like ours, a Jeep maybe or even a Hummer.


As a guide only and with all the parts prepared and ready to go, Aquajeep can be completed by any competent person in around 100 / 120 hours, skills that you don't have can easily be learned ( or you can sub-contract some or all of the work to a welder/mechanic.

The Aquajeep in the photographs was built in the UK in 2002 for the following costs, which will give you some idea:

Steel: $500


Parts, paint, etc.: $600
Licence and plans: $495
Sub total: $1695
Our donor vehicle: $300
Grand total for a completely finished Aquajeep: $1995

If you give the highest consideration to the quality of finish and specification of your Aquajeep, you will have a vehicle worth in excess of $30,000, not too bad for such a small outlay. Certainly it is the biggest bargain in kit cars today.

Aquajeep attracts a huge amount of attention, and questions wherever it goes, the commercial possibilities are endless:

  • Build Aquajeeps and/or Parts for sale and earn $100 + per hour. List on our web site (contact:
  • Offroad/Water Safaris. $40 x 6/7 passengers x 2 = $480 / $560 daily per Aquajeep.
  • Hotdog, ice cream or snack wagon. Sell from the water for massive daily profits.
  • Contract with The Emergency Services for flood rescue, lake rescue etc.
  • Island commuting and deliveries, no waiting for ferries, charge the neighbors.
  • Mobile billboard for campaigns, product promotions and ads with a difference.
  • Sell sponsor and ad. space and your Aquajeep will earn back its build cost many times over.
  • Do all the above, you can start with just one vehicle.

  • Original steel Amphicar cost $3167 over 35 years ago in 1967, today a well restored model fetches $45,000+, average cars go for $25,000.
  • Dutton Mariner, an excellent UK fiberglass waterjet vehicle, costs upwards of $40,000.
  • Gibbs Aquada, a fabulous machine, seen recently on the River in London , England , $230,000.
  • The Amazing Aquajeep priced from only $2000, will more than earn its keep, possibly start a new life for you or the very least a profitable adventure, a bargain we think, you decide. Only $495 (see buy license package) gets you started and selling your donor parts makes it a free license.

Sub-contracting the work will still make you a very handsome profit, all that's required is a little organizational effort; it's your decision on how much ‘hands on' involvement you want.

Fantastic bonding tool for a School, Club, Family or Friends' project.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

We wish you a warm welcome to making your first step in the amazing world of Aquajeep.

Aquajeep is in constant development and we reserve the right to update it at any time.

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